[Konsole-devel] dont exit of sessions couldn't be killed issue

aleXXX alexander.neundorf at gmx.net
Thu May 23 21:59:30 UTC 2002

On Thursday 23 May 2002 22:27, Stephan Binner wrote:
> On Friday 17 May 2002 22:53, aleXXX wrote:
> > since some time konsole has the feature, that it doesn't exit if there is
> > e.g. a root session still running when I try to close the konsole window.
> Feature? I think the behaviour was always there and only information is
> new.


revision 1.159
date: 2001/08/24 04:35:26;  author: waba;  state: Exp;  lines: +15 -3
Kill shell with SIGHUP instead of SIGKILL on close.

I am able to close any other terminal emulator under X by simply pressing the 
close button of the window decoration, konsole is the only one where it 
doesn't work :-(

> > Can I make this check configurable ?
> Which check? Konsole exits if the last session closes. If the last one is
> a root session you simply can`t send them a terminal signal as user. :-)

Sure, nevertheless, it's annoying.

> > Or would it be possible to send "exit\n" to the sessions which couldn't
> > be killed ?
> No, let`s think of "alias exit=`rm -rf \` ;-)...

Yes, and let's think of "alias su=`rm -rf \` ;-)
Ok, wouldn't work always, but at least in many cases.


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