[Konsole-devel] transparent konsole query

Alistair McDonald Alistair_McDonald at systemsunion.com
Fri May 17 10:37:23 UTC 2002

Firstly, forgive me for emailing this developer list, but I can find no
documentation at all on what I am interested in. So I thought I'd ask the

Firstly, if this (see below) is documented, where should I find it? I'm
running kde 2.2.2-1 on a redhat 7.2 installation (thought I've got the kde 3
source down ready to build). 

Secondly, my real question: I want to use transparent konsoles, but I don't
run a normal kde screen background program. Instead, I start a simple script
in ~/.kde/Autostart that runs a series of different xplanet commands and
pauses between each one - so I get a new background every few minutes. 

The transparent konsole background just goes black - initially it shows the
underlying background image, but once my script has autostarted it xplanet,
it goes black. 

Do I need to invoke my background generating script via kde - i.e. setting
it up via the control centre (look and feel, background, background program,
etc) for the transparent konsole to work? If so, is there anything else that
it has to do? 

BTW: Is there any way to get other kde apps to have transparent backgrounds
- e.g. emacs? 

Thanks in advance, 


Message End. 

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