[Konsole-devel] Bug#42600: can't adjust konsole font size from keyboard

TransAMrit at attbi.com TransAMrit at attbi.com
Tue May 14 20:10:41 UTC 2002

Package: konsole
Version: KDE 3.0.5 CVS/CVSup/Snapshot
Severity: wishlist
Installed from:    Compiled sources
Compiler:          Not Specified
OS:                Not Specified
OS/Compiler notes: Not Specified

Eterm allows the fonts sizes to be stepped up via ctrl-alt-> ctrl-alt-<, which is very useful.  I think it would be great if the the keyboard shortcut assignments in Konsole's configuration also allowed the font sizes to be changed via the keyboard.  This is because some programs use certain color highlighting that is harder to read, and thus a larger font is needed temporarily.  It is too much of a hassle to have go through the menus each time, or leave the menus going and open up a different type of session just so you can have a different font.

Thank you.

(Submitted via bugs.kde.org)

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