[Konsole-devel] Font selection

Jeremy Condit jcondit at post.harvard.edu
Fri Apr 26 20:07:29 UTC 2002

Hi there!  First of all, thanks for creating Konsole; I'm a big fan.

Down to business: I just recently upgraded from KDE 2.2.1 to KDE 3.0.1
(i.e., Konsole 1.0.2 to 1.1) and discovered that it no longer provides the
semicondensed font that I know and love.  The reason I want this font is
so that i can fit two Konsoles side-by-side on a 1024x768 display.
Specifically, the font I want is "6x13", a.k.a.


The "Custom..." font option is of no help, since Qt's font dialog doesn't
offer this font.

It turns out that the problem is that Qt doesn't pay any attention to the
font width field (i.e., "semicondensed", in this case).  Even when using
QFont::setRawName(), Qt simply throws away the width field and proceeds
merrily on its way.  The only way to get Qt to do the right thing is to
use QFont::setRawMode(TRUE).  It appears that Konsole has recently moved
from using this latter approach to the former approach; hence my problem.

At any rate, I've made the corresponding change on my own private version,
so it doesn't really matter to me whether anything changes in the official
version, but I figured I'd offer the above feedback anyway; I find Konsole
much more useful with the semicondensed font, and I imagine there are
other users that agree.


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