[Konsole-devel] Re: a small question about konsole

Waldo Bastian bastian at kde.org
Wed Apr 24 01:31:30 UTC 2002

On Tuesday 23 April 2002 01:05 pm, Diego Iastrubni wrote:
> Hi,
> My name is diego, I am using konsole, which is one of the best terminal
> emulators for X IMHO,

Hi Diego,

Thank you for your kind words.

> and I have seen a small problem when hebew ( and I
> guess arabic) is written to the terminal. Basicly a terminal should be dumb
> and not know aboutthe bidi algorythm, but konsole tries to use it. The
> problem is somewhere in the middle.
> I have attached a small example of that: konsole (from kde3, is mc, on one
> side selected a hebrew file name, and in the other side, the same dir, so
> you can see how it is supposed to be seen.
> I tried to look in the sources but I ended up in TEWidget.cpp, and failed
> to see how the "srceen" is drawed. if it drawed by lines, or otherwise. can
> you give me a small direccion?

It is basically drawn line by line, but sometime as line-part by line-part. 
This happens when parts of a line have e.g. a different color. I assume that 
konsole should just draw the characters "as-is" and should not try to do any 
right-to-left logic? 

The actual painting happens in TEWidget::drawAttrStr() btw.

Does the following patch fix the problem?

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