[Konsole-devel] Bug#40710: Konsole only handles CLIPBOARD, not PRIMARY

Stephan Binner binner at kde.org
Thu Apr 11 21:02:59 UTC 2002

> selecting but with no explicit copy should only set PRIMARY, never CLIPBOARD 

Why? The only purpose to select something in a "read-only" widget is to bring
it to the clipboard. It was changed to current state after several requests. 

> Selecting text in Konsole copies this text to CLIPBOARD, not PRIMARY - you
> can verify this by running the 'xclipboard' program, which monitors
> CLIPBOARD - selecting some text will cause it to appear in xclipboard.

It copies it to CLIPBOARD _and_ PRIMARY.

> - middle mouse button should paste PRIMARY, never CLIPBOARD

It does, perhaps you were confused because you think it only wrote CLIPBOARD?

> Konsole pastes CLIPBOARD. 

Yes, if you call "Paste" or use Shift-Insert.

> Konsole does not even have a copy command; perhaps it should?

It's unnecessary with current behaviour.

> For an example of this "done right", see kate 2.0 from kdebase-3.0; the
> main text area seems to work correctly for all of the above cases. 

Kate is not a "read-only" widget.

> I don't write (meaningful) code yet, but I found these seemingly related Qt
> 3.x QClipboard methods:  void setSelectionMode( bool enable )

Guess what, we use that! ;-)

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