[Konsole-devel] Bug#40701: option to turn auto-scroll-lock on/off off

aangel at infoarc.sodaknet.com aangel at infoarc.sodaknet.com
Thu Apr 11 00:34:14 UTC 2002

Package: konsole
Version: KDE 3.0.0 
Severity: wishlist
Installed from:    FreeBSD Ports
Compiler:          Not Specified
OS:                Not Specified
OS/Compiler notes: Not Specified

Konsole needs an option to turn off the auto-scroll-lock mechanism when Ctrl+S and Ctrl+Q is pressed.  It becomes annoying in certain apps when pressing Ctrl+S and scroll lock comes on, then turning off scroll lock and sending Ctrl+Q to the text-based application.  Particularly annoying in Emacs.

(Submitted via bugs.kde.org)

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