[Konsole-devel] Bug#40518: Cant select ttf fonts for use in konsole

Björn Nilsson bni at infogrator.se
Wed Apr 10 11:09:46 UTC 2002

Actually, like so many others I am using the Windows fonts (all of 
them). I believe there are som fixed width fonts among them. I have used 
Lucinda Console .ttf font in Konsole before in 2.2.2 with great results.

I can select "Courier New" in toolbar and such, but it doesnt say 
"Courier New [Monotype]"

Maybe one must mark them in som special way to become [Monotype] fonts 
(in the XftConfig file maybe?). I found no obvious way to do that from 
the font installer in KDE Control Center. If this is the case then maybe 
this is more of a feature request than a bug report.

Stephan Binner wrote:

>>Only Type1 fonts are available for selection when configuring Konsole. The
>>same problem exists in Control Center when i try to select a ttf font for
>>"fixed width". I can select ttf font in all the other places like general 
>Are you sure that you have "fixed width" TTF fonts installed?
>Like "Andale Mono [Monotype]" or "Courier New [Monotype]"?

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