[Konsole-devel] Re: Selections fixes [Re: kdebase/konsole/konsole]

Waldo Bastian bastian at kde.org
Wed Apr 10 04:59:00 UTC 2002

On Sunday 07 April 2002 01:55 pm, Stephan Binner wrote:
> On Sunday 07 April 2002 22:43, Stephan Binner wrote:
> > kdebase/konsole/konsole TEScreen.cpp,1.70,1.71 TEWidget.cpp,1.141,1.142
> > Hopefully this finally fixes selection bugs with new xterm-like
> > behaviour: - #40132: Not possible to cut/paste first character of line.
> >  - Allow to select a single character without selecting two before.
> >  - Fix problem with line-selection within a wrapped line and extending if
> >  the original clicked position is in the line adjacent to extend
> > direction.
> Please review and test in-depth if this is good enough for KDE_3_0_BRANCH
> with/without frame, with left/right/-out scrollbars, with/without wrapped
> lines, normal/word/line selection, with/without extending, while moving
> mouse left/right, in the middle/at the borders, moving out/in text area,
> several/single chars and "select until EOL". How many combinations :-)?

Hm.. this is really weird... sometimes it seems to happen that the selection 
moves "one ahead" of my mouse-pointer. E.g when I have "abcdef" on my screen 
and started the selection somewhere near the 'f' and the move towards the 'c' 
it can happen that when I am near the right of the 'c' the 'b' gets selected 

It seems to happen just now and then but once it happens it remains during the 
whole selection. I can more or less reproduce it by e.g. starting a selection 
on line 10 and then wildly scrolling up and down by moving my mouse towards 
line 1 and line 20 respectively.

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