[Konsole-devel] Bug#40518: Cant select ttf fonts for use in konsole

bni at infogrator.se bni at infogrator.se
Mon Apr 8 21:45:44 UTC 2002

Package: konsole
Version: 1.1 (using KDE 3.0.5 (CVS HEAD >= 20020327))
Severity: normal
Installed from:    compiled sources
Compiler:          gcc version 2.95.4 20011002 (Debian prerelease)
OS:                Linux (i686) release 2.4.17
OS/Compiler notes: 

Only Type1 fonts are available for selection when configuring Konsole.

The same problem exists in Control Center when i try 
to select a ttf font for "fixed width". I can select ttf font in all the other places like general and toolbar fields.

I have 2.2.2 on the same computer (debian packages) and there I can use the ttf fonts in konsole.

I have compiled kde3 from cvs, and I olso tried RPMS on another computer (RedHat), and there I had the same problem.

Thanks for kde3, its great!

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