[Konsole-devel] Bug#39926: I have modified Xmodmap to enter some special characters from charset iso8859-2, but they are not displayed.

Manfred Pohler Manfred.Pohler at t-online.de
Sun Apr 7 02:19:49 UTC 2002

Stephan Binner schrieb:
> Do you have this problem only with Konsole or with every KDE application?
> Could you try if this works with KDE 3.0 which will be released today?

Thank you for your interest.
Sorry, i have not installed KDE 3.0. 
I have this problem with every KDE application.
I put in the preferences-dialog all fonts to iso8859-2, where it was
I want to enter romanian-specific characters by keyboard. Therefore I
defined some keycombinations in Xmodmap. It works with those characters,
which are common in iso8859-1 and iso8859-2 charset. For the others I
get a question-mark when I hit the key combination. But I found out that
when I choose iso8859-1 fonts, then I get the character of the 8859-1
charset. (In KDE-Konsole I get also in this case a question-mark).

With kind regards

Manfred Pohler
E-Mail: Manfred.Pohler at t-online.de

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