[Bug 244665] New: Ability to disable automatic diff/patch parsing

John Baldwin jhb at FreeBSD.org
Wed Jul 14 21:53:29 CEST 2010


           Summary: Ability to disable automatic diff/patch parsing
           Product: kompare
           Version: 4.0.0
          Platform: FreeBSD Ports
        OS/Version: FreeBSD
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: normal
          Priority: NOR
         Component: parser
        AssignedTo: kompare-devel at kde.org
        ReportedBy: jhb at FreeBSD.org

Version:           4.0.0 (using KDE 4.4.4) 
OS:                FreeBSD

I like to compare two different patch files as if they were plain text files
(i.e. side by side).  Sometimes this works in kompare if I ask it to compare
two patches, but sometimes it notices that the first file is a patch file and
operates as if I had specified 'kompare -o firstfile'.  Even if I explicitly
use 'kompare -c firstfile secondfile' or ask to compare the two files in the
GUI, the parser "outsmarts" me and just displays the parsed display for the
first file.  All I would really like is some sort of way to force the issue so
that kompare will treat the two patch files as plain files.  If kompare -c
forced this to be true or specifying two URLs vs one on the command line forced
this to be true that would be nice, but even a separate command line flag to
disable the automagical patch recognition would work for me.

Reproducible: Sometimes

Steps to Reproduce:
So far I have not been able to reliably figure out when kompare's automatic
recognition of a patch file kicks in and when it doesn't.  Renaming the files
to not have a .patch or .diff extension does not prevent the recognition.  It
does seem that if I remove 'Property' change lines from 'svn diff' output so
that the first line in the diff is an 'Index: /some/path' line, then kompare
will treat the files as plain files.  Given that, you may be able to reproduce
this by taking a diff of an svn checkout that includes property changes (e.g.
after an 'svn merge' operation that creates mergeinfo), editing the file
slightly and comparing that with the original diff, vs comparing two "plain"
diffs that do not have property changes.

Expected Results:  
I would like to be able to kompare two diffs side-by-side.

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