[Bug 212272] kompare crashed on startup when launched from kdesvn

Michal Slonina af1n at o2.pl
Thu Oct 29 13:33:45 CET 2009


--- Comment #2 from Michal Slonina <af1n o2 pl>  2009-10-29 13:33:44 ---
Hi Kevin,

BIG Thanks for your quick reply.

Indeed running kbuildsyscocoa4 solved the problem,
so the bug is probably distro related (i'm using gentoo ebuilds).

Maybe I could write a patch that checks for that condition and instructs
the user to run kbuildsyscocoa4 ? Or just force the kbuildsyscocoa4 run ?
  What do you think ? 

Regards, Michał Słonina.

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