[Kmymoney] KDE holidays on Windows

Cristian Oneț onet.cristian at gmail.com
Mon Jul 28 08:47:56 UTC 2014

2014-07-28 11:18 GMT+03:00 Phil Richardson <ppslim+kmymoney at gmail.com>:
> One of the things that has been bugging me on Windows is the lack of
> selection for UK holidays.

I don't know why but it seems the last installer does not contain
holiday files for all countries. I'll add this to the list of issues
that need to be fixed in the next version.

> As such, I have to manually adjust any scheduled transactions accordingly
> when a Holiday comes around.
> I do have a list to select from, but it does not contain a UK/GB entry.
> Given this is KDE, is it possible just to drop relevant files in, or is
> there something more intensive involved in including this for use along side
> KMyMoney?

Yes, it is possible. The files that are installed can be found in the
"share\apps\libkholidays\plan2" (in the KMyMoney installation). The
current countries are Switzerland, Costa Rica, Algeria, Kazakhstan,
Morocco, Norway, Panama, Peru, Turkey (I have to check why only these
are contained in the package).

You need to drop into that folder a file from here [1] I assume that
this [2] is the one you need. After doing this restart KMyMoney and
you should be able to select your holiday region.


[1] https://projects.kde.org/projects/kde/kdepimlibs/repository/show/kholidays/holidays/plan2?rev=KDE%2F4.12
[2] https://projects.kde.org/projects/kde/kdepimlibs/repository/entry/kholidays/holidays/plan2/holiday_gb-eaw_en-gb?rev=KDE%2F4.12

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