[Kmymoney] Problems with Transaction by Reconciliation

Phil Richardson ppslim+kmymoney at gmail.com
Tue Jul 22 12:40:22 UTC 2014

I am not seeing the expected outcome of a report for "Transactions by
Reconciliation Status".

Both the raw report and a customised one do not produce the expected

I see transactions from May that are very clearly reconciled, having been
through the wizard. Yet they show on the record as not reconciled.

The following XML applied to the report config (I am using MySQL backend).

 <REPORT includesprice="0" includesactuals="0" columnsaredays="0"
includestransfers="0" loans="0" id="R000030" comment="Custom Report"
rowtype="accountreconcile" name="Transactions by Reconciliation Status
(Customized)" chartgridlines="1" includesaverageprice="0"
includesmovingaverage="0" chartbydefault="0" skipZero="0"
datelock="last3months" investments="0" charttype="none" favorite="0"
chartdatalabels="1" convertcurrency="1" chartlinewidth="1"
includeschedules="0" querycolumns="number,payee,category,balance" tax="0"
group="Transactions" includesforecast="0" includeunused="0" mixedtime="0"
type="querytable 1.14">
  <STATE state="notreconciled"/>

I get the output of closed accounts as well, which I don't strictly not
expect, but the transactions listed are indeed reconciled.

Just taking a.n.random value from the report, I click the date in the
report which is a direct link to the transaction.

This very clearly is recorded as reconciled in the transaction.
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