[Kmymoney] KMyMoney4 on MacPorts

Carlo Farina carlo.1.farina at gmail.com
Mon Jul 7 12:50:22 UTC 2014

I have just installed MacPorts and KMyMoney4 on my MacBook Pro (OSX 10.9.4) and everything seemed to have worked well. Then, I started putting data into the program and at some point I did realize that data in scheduled transactions are not captured into the assigned categories (Att_1), with the result that the total income is ZERO and the total expenses are ZERO (Att_2).  Consequently, also Reports 1 and 7 only include a series of  ZEROs….

All categories were correctly assigned in the Transaction form.

I found no mention on the Web of a similar problem happening to someone else, and I am wondering whether this could be due to an incorrect installation, to something wrong I did,  or to some incompatibility of MacPorts with Maverick. 

Also, there are no Help Files installed… albeit I got the User Manual online.

Could you please help?
Thank you very much and best regards,

Carlo Farina
Milan, Italy
email:    carlo.1.farina at gmail.com

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