[Kmymoney] choosing payee fields for autofill

Ian Millington ian at ianmillington.co.uk
Thu Jul 3 13:16:23 UTC 2014

Hi I'm wondering if you can help me.

I'm using KMM 4.6.6 on kubuntu 14.04. I've been using KMM for a couple 
of years now, loving it. I have it configured to autofill, the main 
purpose being for automatically allocating payees to categories.

However, in respect of a number of payees certain information is 
auto-completed that I would prefer to be left out, these are:

Notes. As an example, when I input a payment to Amazon, the notes 
section repeatedly shows the 1st purchase that I made from them. Another 
one, a petrol station continues to show a vehicle that I sold a couple 
of years ago. I would prefer that part of the transaction to remain 
blank if possible.

Also, a couple of weeks ago in respect of 1 payee I accidentally entered 
the transaction amount in the cheque number field. Whilst I edited the 
transaction I now find that every time I select that payee KMM 
auto-inputs the data into the cheque number field.

 From the GUI auto-complete appears to be an "all or nothing" situation, 
it either remembers these things or it doesn't. turning it off also 
turns off the useful bits. Is there a text file somewhere that I can 
edit to clear data shown in the notes /cheque number fields in respect 
of a particular payee please?

Many thanks


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