[Kmymoney] KMM - get online account update, some problems

Martin Preuss martin at aqbanking.de
Sat Sep 17 12:52:57 UTC 2011


On Samstag 17 September 2011, Werner Dittmann wrote:
> Taking the fact that aqFinance works with the chipcard that error message
> is somewhat irritating. Of course aqFinance was not started when I tried
> the setup with KMM.

AqFinance always brings the newest versions of the AqBanking family with it 
and uses them regardless of what other versions might be installed on the 
target system.

So if the card works with AqFinance but doesn't work with KMM (or GnuCash, for 
that matter), it might be because of outdated versions of the AqBanking family 
on your system (as KMM and Gnucash use the version of the AqBanking family 
already installed by the distribution).


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