[Kmymoney] Aqbanking in KMM now finally working with my Volksbank Mittelhessen Accounts

Michael Berger idest at online.de
Sat Sep 10 11:49:46 UTC 2011

Hi to all who followed my quest and took part in one or another way,
When Torsten sent me a screen shot of his Aqbanking Setup that brought about 
the turning point to me.

In 'Edit User' his Server URL the figure 443 was contained but not in mine.
And in 'Selected TAN Method' he had 972 - Smart-TAN plus activated but that 
remained hidden to me.
And I hit all the four 'Special Action Buttons' many times without success.

>From the many articles on the subject found in the web I learned, inter alia, 
that there are three ports that do matter as the individual case may be:
80 Update Service
3000 HBCI
And - funny enough! - I learned that some Banks advise to disable Firewall 
prior to start using AqBanking.

Then I did a number of actions that in total must have made AqBanking finally 
working. But I do not know which single action was the decisive one.

In my opinion these actions did it:
- Disable Firewall
- Update my system once more (there were again many updates)
- Download Moneyplex and have it check the Internet Accessibility
This check looks also for available ports. It found port 80 and port 3000 but 
failed to find port 443!
After adjusting this and that (don't ask me exactly what) it finally completed 
the check and found port 443 as well!
Back to AqBanking Setup > Edit User and hitting all the four 'Special Actions' 
buttons.  Now all the protocols looked fine and I was in business.

I hope this is of some help to all in similar trouble.

There is one thing for me left to do: enable Firewall and see what happens.

Special thanks to Thomas, Torsten, Jack and Martin who came up patiently with 
lots of good and detailed advice!

Cheers from the bottom of my heart! 

Michael Berger
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