[Kmymoney] online quotes

Volker Paul volker.paul at v-paul.de
Sun Oct 2 18:24:26 UTC 2011

Hello Jochen,

> > Your DateFormatRegex is different, month before day.
> > Today, that gives a valid but wrong date (Jan 10 instead of Oct 1),
> > but yesterday that may have given an invalid date (9th day of 30th
> > month).
> It works! Thank you.
> > Check "Skip HTML stripping".
> What does that mean? Stripping from what?
I don't know exactly, either. Maybe if this is unchecked,
then HTML tags are stripped from the downloaded page,
leaving text alone.
Anyway, if this is not checked, 
it didn't work for me. 
Since then, I always have this checked.

Try it out. Or just stick to what works
until they change their page layout again.


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