[Kmymoney] Can't create new file on network drive

Jack ostroffjh at sbcglobal.net
Wed Nov 30 23:28:31 UTC 2011

On 2011.11.30 17:02, Jeff Barlow wrote:
> As a first time user, having to use awkward an work-around just to  
> get the initial file created makes we wonder about trusting my  
> financial info to something apparently so poorly tested.  Am I using  
> a beta version? (4.6.0)


As Allan said, 4.6.0 is not a beta version, and it has been rather  
thoroughly tested.  I won't claim that samba (is that what your are  
using for the mapping?) is particularly obscure, but it is quite  
possible if not likely that it is not used by any of the developers or  
core team of users who do most of the testing.  How out of the way  
should someone go to test an application in an environment he doesn't  
use?  Nobody is getting paid for any of they work they do on KMyMoney,  
it's all because they enjoy doing it.  Complaining isn't going to make  
anybody want to think about fixing a problem he is not having himself.

To the issue, while I'm not a developer, I suspect that the KMyMoney  
code for opening and saving files has not had significant changes in a  
while.  I'll also guess that if the problem does get tracked down, it  
will not be in KMyMoney code, but in the underlying file handling  
routine (part of kdelibs?) which is somehow just not playing well with  
the smb stuff.

All that said, I'd ask if your only access to the server is with a path  
like smb://flyer/hd0/.... or if it has been mounted so you can access  
it something like /mnt/smbservers/flyer/hd0/...?  If so, do you get the  
same results using both types of path?  Can you cd to the directory you  
want to save the file in and try saving it without specifying any  
path?  I have no real idea if either of these will make a difference,  
but the more information available, the more likely someone can figure  
out exactly what the problem is and how to best deal with it,  
especially if the fix is actually in a system library.


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