[Kmymoney] Re: [Bug 274185] QIF investment import with Lcategory:sub-category creates new incorrect category

timothy timboyle at afrihost.co.za
Thu Jun 2 09:26:36 CEST 2011

On Wed, 2011-06-01 at 20:59 +0100, aga wrote:
> On Wed, 01 Jun 2011 14:32:08 +0200
> timothy <timboyle at afrihost.co.za> wrote:
> <snip>
> > > I'll get back now to the brokerage issue.  Oh, I think you said
> > > earlier that you were able to enter those transactions manually?
> > > How did you enter the 'IntInc' entries, with it not being an
> > > available choice?
> > > 
> > > Allan
> > 
> > IntInc stands for 'Interest Income'. It is a standard deposit into the
> > brokerage. In manual mode one can input directly into the brokerage
> > account.
> > 
> > Timothy
> Yes, I know, but I didn't see how you could enter it manually, as in
> your QIF, you are treating it as an investment activity.  Now, here's
> the issue, as it seems to me.

Sorry, if I am being over-explanatory - just trying to be absolutely clear.

> 'IntInc' is treated in KMM as a deposit, and does not expect any stock.

Why does it not deposit it in the brokerage account?

> A 'Div' activity, on the other hand, is treated as an investment
> involving a stock, and is set up to generate a second split.
> I've edited your QIF to make one activity a 'Div' (or 'DivX') and,
> having  sorted out some issues, it imports as you want, with the
> category correctly handled (split) and the amount being dropped into the
> Brokerage account.

I did the same on my side. I do not know which transaction you edited,
but it is OK for the actual dividend declaration which is transaction #2
for 454.86. I see the split produces a transaction in both the
investment account and the brokerage. In the investment account it is an
entry with no effect - zero balance and zero shares. But the important
thing is that the category is still correct. In the brokerage the
category is just 'investment transaction', but the amounts are valid.
> I'm a bit reluctant to hack about the IntInc handling to cope with your
> requirement, for fear it may cause upset elsewhere.  Are you able to
> cope with converting your IntInc activity codes to Div?  Otherwise,
> although the Int Inc does now correctly handle categories with
> sub-categories, they have no account allocated for the deposit,
> which would have to be handled manually.

I am not sure how we stand here with the 'IntInc' since we have to deal
with both Interest (+) and Management Fees (-). These are correctly
handled by KMM in Version 1.0.5. I cannot change everything to Div as
that makes a total mess of both accounts with all those transactions
being 'Satrix 40 (Dividend)' in the brokerage and just 'Dividend' in the
investment (negative dividends). The manual fixing is what I have been
trying to avoid with the QIFs. Could you not check the code of Version
1.0.5 to see what has transpired in the upgrade? Since something has
changed for the worse. The deposits have to go somewhere for not only my
QIFs, but anyone else's. Anyone migrating from Quicken or MsMoney or
other and using QIFs is going to run into a lot of manual fixing with
the investments.
> Is this satisfactory?
> Allan

As above.

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