[kmymoney] [Bug 434933] Balance calculation discrepancy in Future payments

Thomas Baumgart bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Sat Mar 27 13:56:20 GMT 2021


--- Comment #10 from Thomas Baumgart <tbaumgart at kde.org> ---
Sorry for entering the arena a bit late. I am not sure if a (corrupted) KDE
framework library can influence the balance of an account. More so, as I use
the same distro and version as John does. I also doubt it has anything to do
with Brexit :)

In fact I saw a similar behavior today on my data file, but that was related to
a scheduled transaction that did not (yet) happened because the payee postponed
it by more than a month and I had the option turned on to display the schedules
on their planned date. Of course, the balance calculation took that into

Looking closer at this specific option, this would also explain, why you see
different balances for the same data file when switching computers. The options
are kept in your ~/.config/kmymoney directory and not in the data file. BTW,
this option was introduced with 5.0.3 (dated Jan 2019).

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