[kmymoney] [Bug 186616] Entering negative amounts in Split window

Mikael Kujanpaa mahead at iki.fi
Sun Mar 21 13:48:53 GMT 2021

Jack kirjoitti 20.3.2021 21:45:
> That's an interesting thought.  I'm using 5.1 compiled from git head, 
> although
> I don't know of anything that has changed recently that should affect 
> this.
> I'm using en-US.UTF-8 and US Dollars for currency.  Can you try 
> creating a new
> sample kmy file and test with the settings you currently use, and then 
> with
> mine?

Okay, I did that, and some other extra testing. Here are my 
- When using Finnish locale settings, I cannot input minus sign at all, 
neither in ledger or in split window dialog. Only way to do this, is 
input the amount first, and then edit it by adding the minus sign.
- When using EN US settings with US dollars, I could input the minus 
sign into the amount field. But, effectively it was still discarded. If 
I entered new transaction with expense category, and used positive sum, 
the transaction decreased the account total as expected. But if I 
entered negative amount with expense category, the account total was 
still decreased.

This is problematic because if one gets refund from expense category, it 
is too easy to enter it as expense because negative sign is discarded.

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