[kmymoney] [Bug 186616] Entering negative amounts in Split window

Mikael Kujanpää mikael.kujanpaa at iki.fi
Sat Mar 20 19:22:23 GMT 2021

Jack kirjoitti 20.3.2021 19:15:
> What version are you using?  I have no problem entering a negative 
> number for
> the value in the split editor.
> (Aside from the question of entering negative values, do we want to 
> create new
> wishlist items for the other requests in the original post which are 
> not yet
> done?)

I'm using currently 5.1.1, but this issue has been bugging me 5-10 years 
now, so it applies multiple versions prior. I remember reporting it back 
then, but apparently it didn't get fixed.

If you don't have the issue, could this be related locale settings etc.?

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