problem/question on Tax Transactions by Category report

Jack ostroffjh at
Wed Mar 17 00:17:26 GMT 2021

I have a two Tax Transactions by Category reports, both modified to be  
calendar year 2020.  One of them is also filtered to my Investment  
accounts (including the Brokerage accounts.)  Many categories seem to  
be missing from this but not the other report.  I finally figured out  
that its seems to be excluding the actual security accounts held within  
each investment account, so things like dividends are not showing up.   
Unfortunately, I see no way to alter this in the Configure screens for  
the report.  I'm tempted to call this a bug, since I can't think of any  
reason to include an investment account but not the security accounts  
within it.

Thanks for any thoughts or comments (before I file a bug.)


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