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Jack, of course I checked for the date filter in KMM settings, it was set to
2012-01-01 well before the opening of this account.  There were no other
filters or settings that I can think of.  Like I said, the Opening Balances did
NOT have an amount associated to the faulty account.  The balance of the
"Opening Balance" has always been the same for many years now, and I checked it
to make sure something was not hidden...

Anyways, why would a simple SAVE AS from the MySQL data to a local file fix it?
 Why would a SAVE AS, doing nothing else, remove this phantom amount of

I've screwed up many many times in the past 13 years of using KMM, but I always
noticed right away because the balances were no longer matching.  This was not
the case with the issue discussed here.

Sounds like a bug to me, or some sort of data corruption.

My theory, and believe me, I'm not sure so take it with a grain of salt: 
Somehow, due to a bug, KMM destroyed the "missing" transactions and adjusted
the opening balance of the account to maintain current balance (similarly to
what Brendan was suggesting).  Why was there no transaction in the "Opening
balances" account?  I dont know, Why would this happen?  Again, I dont know.
I've seen very weird bugs in other applications before....

When I saved the MySQL data to a local file, reopened the saved file and
noticed the balance of the account reduced by 1581.60, and saw the opening
balance reset to ZERO, without doing anything else, I knew this was a bug.

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