[kmymoney] [Bug 434376] Ledger missing transactions

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Sun Mar 14 23:14:22 GMT 2021


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I agree, this is by far the weirdest anomaly I've encountered with KMM since I
started using it around 2008.

Question:  my datafile has more than 16,000 transactions and over 36,000
splits.  Could I be reaching the maximum that can either KMM or the MySQL
engine handle?

I'm not sure what you mean by "Have you actually looked at the ledger for the
opening balance account, to confirm that is the only strange entry there?" but
the first transaction of the faulty account was a deposit of $100 and right
after that deposit, the balance jumps to $1681.60 which is $1581.60 too high
(should have been $100).  Like I said, this amount is mysteriouslt the same as
the total of all missing transactions...

If you meant to look at the "Opening Balances" account, there are NO
transactions of $1581.60, and no transactions associated to the chequing

I am not sure exactly how to use zgrep, but I tried with 

zgrep TRANSACTION KMM.kmy | grep '2020-03-02'

which is the date of one of the missing transactions, and nothing came up (im
probably not using zgrep properly).

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