[kmymoney] [Bug 406793] Cannot close cash and saving accounts even with balance=0

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Sat Mar 13 01:25:28 GMT 2021


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Yes this is in a brokerage account (cash type) and no, there are no currency
conversions involved (all CAD) for both the investment and brokerage accounts.

Looking at my investment statements, I know I entered the number of shares
manually (all decimals like 0.2866, more on that later) but cannot remember if
I entered the price per share as a division of the total amount spent by the
number of shares (using the built-in calculator which I very often do), or if I
entered the number directly.

Like I said, all numbers are decimals (prices, amount of shares, price/share)
because this investment was a employer's sponsored retirement fund, and what
they did is more or less perceive an amount (again a decimal like $268.43) on
my paycheck then purchase stocks based on a distribution like so:
Stock A: 7.5%
Stock B: 8.0%
Stock C: 15.50%
Total:   100.00%

Therefore the amount of shares purchased for each stock varied each time
depending on the price of each stock.

I ended up closing this investment so yes I sold all shares of all stocks, and
the proceeds went back to the same brokerage account.  Again, not sure if I
entered the price per share manually of calculated with the built-in

Hope this helps!

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