App Theme Not Being Applied Correctly - Fonts Not Visible

Thomas Baumgart thb at
Sun Mar 7 06:48:20 GMT 2021


On Samstag, 6. März 2021 18:16:22 CET Joel Madero wrote:

> Hi All -
> Running 5.1 master branch.

:) There is the '5.1' or the 'master' branch but no '5.1 master' branch.
I expect you mean the 5.1 branch at current HEAD.
> Having a weird new issue that seems to have just recently popped up with
> regards to my system theme and font colors in KMyMoney making fonts
> entirely illegible. To be up front, I recently switched to Manjaro from
> Bodhi Linux but I honestly don't think it's connected. No other
> application is showing this problem.
> *Distro: *Manjaro running Gnome
> *Theme: *Adwaita (default) - applied via Gnome Tweaks
> *KMyMoney Settings:* Color settings, "custom colors" is unchecked.

This setting has probably nothing to do with your problem. KMyMoney is based
on the KDE frameworks. Since you tweaked your settings using Gnome this might
have something to do with it. 

Can you select Breeze (the default KDE theme) in your Gnome tool? Did you try
using the KDE system settings to change the theme?

BTW: I am totally illiterate if it comes to themes.

> When I try to enter a new entry or edit an old one, the colors are
> totally illegible.
> You can tell that even in the KMyMoney about dialog, the font colors
> just seem very off, looks like dark on dark font
> Any thoughts? Makes entering data extremely irritating.

I agree.



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