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Wed Jun 30 17:59:46 BST 2021


Been using KMM for years. I recently updated my windows installation from
5.0.x to 5.1.2 and added some new credit accounts to it and noticed some
strangeness on the home screen. When I added a 75 cent charge to one new
account that had a limit set of $5000 the home screen showed it's "To
minimum balance/Maximum credit" as ($5000.73) somehow. Looking in the .xml
file I see accounts I added previously and set limits on have a negative
maxCreditAbsolute, but this new one I just created in 5.1.x has a positive
maxCreditAbsolute. Should that value be positive or negative? I also notice
accounts with the negative values there don't show any values if I look at
the "Limits" tab on the Edit Account dialog.

I think either:

All credit accounts need to have either positive or negative limits, and
the gui needs to reflect what the value is, even if negative.


The calculation of "To minimum balance/Maximum credit" is backwards somehow.

Not sure which, or when it changed/broke. I think it used to work fine in
5.0/4.x days.

If it makes sense I can add a bug to bugzilla. Just wanted to get some
feedback on if both negative and positive limits are expected, etc. first.

Jeremy Whiting
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