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On Dienstag, 20. April 2021 01:46:00 CEST Joel Madero wrote:

> Hi All -
> I'm trying to build KMyMoney on Manjaro. I had it built fine before my
> system tanked this morning. I reinstalled Manjaro and for the life of me
> can't figure out the packages I need to install for dependencies. I'm
> running Gnome version.

I don't have a complete list at hand, but you certainly need the basic
Qt and KDE framework stuff. The following is taken from CMakeLists.txt
and may be missing something

Qt: Core DBus Widgets Svg Xml Test PrintSupport Qt5WebEngineWidgets

KF5: Archive CoreAddons Config ConfigWidgets I18n Completion KCMUtils ItemModels ItemViews Service Wallet IconThemes XmlGui TextWidgets Notifications KIO 

Other: LibAlkimia5 ECM

Qt: Sql Concurrent QuickWidgets

KF5: KF5WebKit DocTools Holidays Contacts Akonadi IdentityManagement Activities QGpgme

Other: LibOFX Gwenhywfar gwengui-cpp gwengui-qt5 Aqbanking python3 LibIcal

To get started very fast, you can try to use the AppImage version, which you find at

Hope that helps. 



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