[kmymoney] [Bug 426851] Need to see real, historical share price balance in "Home" view next to share accounts

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All handling of investments is due for a big overhaul, but I don't know how
soon anything will actually be done with it, as it will take a lot of work, and
many of the changes need significant discussion before any actual programming

In this case, however, the current behavior is in accordance with good
accounting practice.  The value of an account is based on the current value of
its assets.  What you are looking for is a more immediate and easy way to see
the basis of the holdings, or original purchase price.  This is definitely
something which can be considered for the future, and maybe even a new report
could be designed that would make this much easier to see.  I think a modified
version of one of the capital gains reports might be a good starting point -
reporting only on currently held shares no matter how long ago they were

In your example.  You buy 200 xyz shares for $2/share, and later buy 100 more
shares for $2/share.  The basis (original purchase value) for your 300 shares
is $400, but the current value is based on the current or most recent price,
$600 given the $2/share price.  You have an unrealized capital gain of $200,
but the current value is still $600.

I could also imagine an additional section for the home page, showing just
investment accounts, in which both the basis and current value would be shown. 
That probably can't be done now, without making assumptions about the original
value of added shares, and also tracking individual purchases, so when you sell
or remove shares, you know when they were bought, so you can correctly get the
basis for the remaining shares.  Note that these issues also affect any capital
gains report.

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