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> Is there a way to import qif/ofx files and tell it not to import the Description as the Payee? 
> What happens today is that the import brings in the Description as a Payee but my bank set the Description to things like: 
> 1213ada3 McDonalds #124565
> or 
> One Gas PR Util Paymt 1278232365652864 
> These are not payees exactly because they include numbers that make it specific to the transaction. 
> I think the best solution is to allow the user to import transactions without setting a payee. Is this possible? Maybe I just missed the option. I tried to read through the documentation and search google. 
> Any help would be great! 

This is where payee matching comes into play. The download via QIF and OFX contains the information about the payee and KMyMoney extracts it. There is no way to suppress this.

The mentioned behavior led to the development of the payee matching in KMyMoney. It is described in the manual which you can find at[1] 

You can add the settings manually. To get started I suggest the following:

a) open the payees view
b) make sure you have the payee as you want it to show up on file (w/o numbers)
c) select the payee you don't want (the one with the changing numbers)
d) delete that payee and re-assign the transaction to the payee in b). Make sure to check the checkbox to 'assign deleted names to the selected payee's matching list. Press OK to finish the deletion
e) select the payee found in b)
f) the 'Matching' tab now shows the payee with the numbers.
g) adjust that entry so that it matches in general

The next import should now assign the transaction to the your existing payee and don't create the name with the fancy name.

For a payee 'McDonalds' I would use the following matching rule:

   ".* McDonalds #\d+"

without the quotes which are used here to show the limits of the regex

Hope that helps.



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