[kmymoney] [Bug 429587] New: aqbanking setup: lists unavailable TAN methods in edit user dialog

Daniel Hahler bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Tue Nov 24 12:28:32 GMT 2020


            Bug ID: 429587
           Summary: aqbanking setup: lists unavailable TAN methods in edit
                    user dialog
           Product: kmymoney
           Version: unspecified
          Platform: Other
                OS: Linux
            Status: REPORTED
          Severity: normal
          Priority: NOR
         Component: onlinebanking
          Assignee: kmymoney-devel at kde.org
          Reporter: kde-bugzilla at thequod.de
  Target Milestone: ---

In the edit dialog of an aqbanking user I can select TAN methods in the HBCI
settings, which aqbanking itself lists as unavailable (for unknown reasons),
e.g. "913 - chipTAN manuell HHD1.4 (Version 6)".

    % aqhbci-tool4 listitanmodes --user=1
    TAN Methods
    - 6910 (F910/V6/P2): HHD1.3.2OPT (chipTAN optisch HHD1.3.2) ZKA-ID=HHDOPT1
    - 6911 (F911/V6/P2): HHD1.3.2 (chipTAN manuell HHD1.3.2) ZKA-ID=HHD
    - 6912 (F912/V6/P2): HHD1.4OPT (chipTAN optisch HHD1.4) ZKA-ID=HHDOPT1 [not
    - 6913 (F913/V6/P2): HHD1.4 (chipTAN manuell HHD1.4) ZKA-ID=HHD [not
    - 6920 (F920/V6/P2): BestSign (BestSign) ZKA-ID=BestSign [not available]
    - 6930 (F930/V6/P2): mobileTAN (mobileTAN) ZKA-ID=mobileTAN [available]

I think KMyMoney should have those greyed out / made not available there, since
I suspect that having selected 6913 before led to unclear errors, because some
dialog(s) could not be created.

btw: is it possible to find out why the methods are marked as "not available"
by aqbanking?

Arch Linux, kmymoney 5.1.0-2, aqbanking 6.2.5-1, gwenhywfar 5.4.1-1

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