[kmymoney] [Bug 427519] Merge of Payees Deletes all Payees when an error occurs

Daryl Lautenschlager bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Fri Nov 20 15:20:45 GMT 2020


--- Comment #18 from Daryl Lautenschlager <dardo13 at charter.net> ---

I don't see what you are describing for transaction 
T000000000000040026.  I can find the transaction and if I double click 
on it, it takes me to the ledger.  If I right click on it, I get a menu 
that has an option to take me to the ledger for the payee.  If I take 
that option, the transaction is not in the ledger.  I get the same thing 
for both results of the transaction search.

On 11/17/20 5:14 PM, Jack wrote:
> https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=427519
> --- Comment #17 from Jack <ostroffjh at users.sourceforge.net> ---
> The problem seems to be that when you delete a payee, the program reassigns the
> transactions for that payes to the new payee you choose.  Unfortunately,
> however it chooses the list of transactions to process, it misses that one, so
> at the end, when it checks for any transactions still assigned to the payee to
> be deleted, it finds it and raises the error.  Unfortunately, as you
> discovered, it seems to do so in a way that all those other transactions that
> had the payee changed are somehow deleted.  This behavior is clearly a bug.
> I'm not sure what to say about allowing this sort of transaction to have been
> imported.  I can dig a bit more through the code, but we may have to wait for
> an opinion from one of the developers.
> Internally to KMM, a Category IS an Account (of type income or expense, rather
> than one of the more commonly used account types (checking, savings,
> investment, ...).  I don't know of any way to change an account type between a
> category type and another type.  I'll have to test, but I doubt it would be
> safe to just edit the xml file and manually change the type.)  In terms of
> history, it sounds like "Cash Account" should be type Cash in KMM rather than
> one of the Category types.
> Note that if you do a transaction search for T000000000000040026 it shows you
> two results.  If you click on one, it shows the ledger for the Category used
> for that split.  If you then right click on the transaction, it displays the
> Payee (same for both splits) but you will note that it does NOT display that
> transaction.  I suspect whatever filter is being used to show the transactions
> for a Payee is the same filter causing the transaction to not have it's Payee
> changed and thus causing the crash.
> Another bit of information - if you to a transaction search on P003550 (as
> text, not as Payee) that transaction is not included in the results.  I don't
> understand why not, but I think all these oddities are somehow related.  More
> research is needed.

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