Unable to delete some kmy categories which are greyed out, first posted on Fri Jul 24, 2020 3:05 pm

Jack ostroffjh at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Jul 30 21:21:22 BST 2020

On 2020.07.30 10:21, lampsh8de wrote:
> Hello,
> Please find attached file as requested. The problem categories  
> relating to the above post are as follows:
> 1 sub-category of A000004 (A000111)
> 3 sub-categories of A000053 (A000057, 088, 106)
> 1 sub-category of A000046 (A000005)
> Thanks for looking at this.
(I'm using KMM compiled from git head of 5.1 branch)

First -  It seems a category cannot be deleted if it is the default  
category for a payee.  That seems to be why all these categories cannot  
be deleted.
A000111 is default category for P002488 and P002504, and removing those  
default categories enables delete for that category.
Delete is not enabled for Category A000004, even after is becomes  
enable for A000111.

A000053 (delete disabled)  is subcategory of A000018 (delete enabled)
A000057, 088, and 106 are each the default category for one or three  

A000005 is a default category for Payee 002440.

Trying to delete category A000046 first asked which other category to  
assigne associated transactions, and then said that there were sub  
categoreis which could not be deleted, and to proceed, they would be  
made subcategories of Exmpense.

Are you sure that when you deleted a parent category, the undeletable  
subcategory was really deleted along with it, or was it just moved up  
to a top level expense category?

Question for the developers: when you delete a category, it asks what  
other category to assign associated transactions to.  Is there any  
reason not to reassign payee default categories (and scheduled  
transactions) in the same way?


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