[kmymoney] [Bug 424775] I will NOT go out to a bank or ANY institution and retrieve any data!, I have USED Quicken for years. I printed the connection data, tested each by hand with a browser. and manually enter all. They all appear nice on the opening screen.watched YouTubea

Richard L. Stuart bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Thu Jul 30 03:57:28 BST 2020


--- Comment #6 from Richard L. Stuart <richard at rlstuart.com> ---
Guys it was NOT my intent to come across in that way.  There is a typo 
in the reference you make.  - it seriously change things. The quote:

"I will NOT go out to a bank ...."   Should have been "It will NOT go out to a
bank...  simple meaning that none of my attenpt to get it to retrieve the
banking transaction - would not result in the software connecting to a bank or
credit card institution. Basically nothing happened. ????   My bad, the t was
missing -  I should have been IT.

Some play you all asked where I am located and I forgot to respond to that
part.  I am in Columbia, Maryland.

Additionally,  You ask for me to review the wording.  Very Happy to do that -- 
HOW, were do I go etc. and what login is required??

Thanks for the support.
PS:  Mint update doesn't seem to further update.   I have used Ubuntu,  Centos
and I could change for this purpose if repositories for them would have a later
version.   Or as with some distros, they have various packages all ready
installed. Like Libre Office etc.   Is there a distro,  ISO with  KMyMoney
installed.  I could run it in Virtualbox and get familiar with it.  Actually, 
I run  Quicken in a Virtualbox with WIN 10 as the Isolation provides a bit more
security. - As "Box" is shutdown normally and some what hidden.
Anyway let make ammends somehow.  If you want to edit my earlier imput - I am
happy with that..

On 7/29/20 8:26 PM, Jack wrote:
> https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=424775
> --- Comment #5 from Jack <ostroffjh at users.sourceforge.net> ---
> Richard - a lot of this is in the wording.  Please consider editing the
> subject.  It starts by saying "I will NOT go out to a bank ...." which sounds
> like you are refusing to do what the program requires.  I now suspect you meant
> that you couldn't find a way to make to program download data from the bank.  A
> good start here would be to reword the subject.  Second, if you reply by email,
> and not directly at bugs.kde.org, you can trim all the original unless you
> explicitly need to show what you are referring to.  The bug system just takes
> your entire email and makes it the next comment.
> If you had dome much searching, you would have found many cases in the kmymoney
> mailing list of people with problems importing lots of data from Quicken.   In
> addition to what Brendan said, those threads probably have additional
> suggestions.
> Now - I think the bottom line is not that you are reporting a bug, but asking
> for help getting started using KMyMoney.  That is better done on the mailing
> list (see https://mail.kde.org/mailman/listinfo/kmymoney as well as
> https://kmymoney.org/support.html for other ways of getting help.
> Finally, it's really good to work at one or maybe two parts of the problem at a
> time.  If you've been working at it for days, and then put all the problems
> you've had in a single message, it gets overwhelming, and makes things seem
> much worse than they are.  There are plenty of folks here who want to see you
> succeed with KMyMoney - but give it some time.

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