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Jonatan Cloutier cloutier.jo at gmail.com
Sun Jul 26 18:39:25 BST 2020


It depends on your objective. In my situation, the joint account is only 
for shared expense or debt. It could also apply to saving. We don’t care 
about who’s doing the expense, if it's join expense (like groceries, 
electricity) it goes on our joint account, otherwise it's in our 
personal accounts.

Understanding who is doing the expense is not the objective here bring 
us to why a simple % help. In agreement with my SO we share in a 33/66%. 
If we have an asset, let say a house, the ownership of it has to be 
split using that %, the same goes for the mortgage, the credit card or 
the budget. If that ratio can be specified, it can then be used in the 
various reports.

 > Would each owner still claim 50% ownership when the other person 
spent 90% of the expenses?

To answer your question, yes, because we do agree that they are joint 

Jonatan Cloutier

Le 2020-07-26 à 10 h 55, J. Varela a écrit :
> Hi all,
> It doesn't make much sense to me that it would be a straight % of 
> ownership. For example, two people can have a joint bank account.
> One month one owner can spend 50% of the expenses or bring in 50% of 
> the income, to the account. Another month, one owner could spend 90% 
> of the expenses.
> Would each owner still claim 50% ownership when the other person spent 
> 90% of the expenses?
> JV
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>     I've been dreaming of that feature for a few years. The two main
>     purpose for me
>     is to be able to split (%) of accounts or loan in the report.
>     Mainly the net
>     worth and the expense/budget report.
>     The second is to improve the budget management. Currently I have
>     to create 3
>     budget and 3 matching budget report: personal, SO personal and
>     join. Which in
>     the end is a pain to manage and understand. I always and up
>     merging them in a
>     spreadsheet.
>     If the proposed ratio was implemented, it would be down to one
>     budget per
>     persons which would be a great improvement.
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