[kmymoney] [Bug 423999] Stock prices: update impossible due to wrong ID

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Sun Jul 12 12:45:36 BST 2020


--- Comment #12 from firefox-112 at web.de ---
It returns:
  <SECURITY id="E000021" name="Adidas" trading-market="AMEX" type="0"
rounding-method="7" symbol="DE000A1EWWW0" saf="100" pp="4"

I guess I might have figured it out.
When setting the very global option "Online Quotes -> Identify by = Name" it
seems to copy the Name into the ID field, which is unexpected but another
When setting this option to "Symbol", it fills the table with both Symbol and
This also explains why creating a new worksheet has shown the same behaviour.

ALthough the behaviour is confusing, I guess this issue is a non-issue then.

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