[kmymoney] [Bug 423875] Can not move file from 5.0.8 to 5.0.0 without problems

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Mon Jul 6 12:12:02 BST 2020


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(In reply to Jack from comment #7)
> Errors about not having a price on or before the opening date of a stock is
> not related to your problem.  If those are the ONLY errors in the
> consistency report, it doesn't help with the problem.
> The icon theme problems are not likely relevant, but could be reported to
> your distribution, or wherever you got the icon theme you are using.
> The last error (Can not find 'kdeinit5' ....) doesn't seem relevant, but
> does suggest you might be missing a package or a package is misconfigured. 
> What distribution are you using?
> Back to the error message, we may need to wait for input from a developer. 
> What I can tell is that between 5.0.1 and 5.0.8, the xml storage code was
> moved into a plugin, although I don't see any reason your file would be OK
> in the newer version and not the older one.
> Can you opening the file in 5.0.1 and then try to "Save as" using a new name?

5.0.1 is running on Mint 19.3 (Ubuntu 18.04) and 5.8.0 is on Mint 20 (Ubuntu

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