macos ofx importer error

Chuck Fossen cfossen at
Tue Jan 21 02:35:21 GMT 2020

Console output:
setup callback routines
process data
LibOFX INFO: libofx_proc_file(): File format not specified, autodetecting...
LibOFX INFO: libofx_proc_file(): Detected file format: OFX (Open Financial
eXchange (OFX or QFX))
LibOFX INFO: sanitize_proprietary_tags() removed: <INTU.BID>7492</INTU.BID>
LibOFX ERROR: find_dtd():Unable to find the DTD named opensp.dcl
LibOFX ERROR: find_dtd():Unable to find the DTD named ofx160.dtd
LibOFX ERROR: ofx_proc_file(): FATAL: Missing DTD, aborting
process data done

On Mon, Jan 20, 2020 at 7:54 PM Chuck Fossen <cfossen at> wrote:

> I just installed the latest build 5.0.7 of kmymoney for macos. I've been
> running with 5.0.0 on ubuntu in a VM. I'm trying to import an qfx file and
> getting the error:"Unable to import file.qfx" using the OFX importer
> plugin. The plugin returned the following error:Unable to parse file. The
> linux version can import the file fine. Any ideas on what could be wrong
> with the importer?
> Version 5.0.7-f5b86b78d

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