segfault in new ledger code

Jack ostroffjh at
Fri Jan 10 22:24:24 GMT 2020

On 2020.01.10 16:48, Thomas Baumgart wrote:
> On Freitag, 10. Januar 2020 22:06:56 CET Jack wrote:
> > On 2020.01.10 15:34, Jack wrote:
>>> Per your suggestion in the Wayland thread, I just recompiled with  
>>> UNFINISHEDFEATURES enabled.  Selecting the new ledger gives me an  
>>> immediate segfault, from both 5.0 and master, and whether or not I  
>>> have already selected an account.  I'm pretty sure I can easily  
>>> enough get a backtrace, but before I do, what other information  
>>> would you want to help debug?

>> Sorry - I forgot on important point - these segfaults are all using  
>> X11.  I do have Wayland available, but it's not very stable, so I'll  
>> test with Wayland a bit later.  I figure unless the crash is  
>> specifically X related, it would likely crash under wayland also.

> Too bad that it crashes for you. Can you try to do this with an empty  
> file just to make sure it is not related to your data? I expect it to  
> be your data since it does not crash for me.

OK, the good news is that I see no crash or flickering or any other odd  
video effects under wayland in the new ledger.  I'm also assuming  
"UNFINISHED" is applicable here, as the tab order is odd, and even goes  
outside the ledger, and a new transaction isn't actually saved.

In terms of the flickering, I assume you are using different graphic  
widgets from the old ledger/transaction form.  Is there any hope of  
fixing the issue in the old code, or does this just accelerate the need  
to complete the new ledger?  I'm still not sure how common Wayland  
actually is, but I seem to get the feeling that it's being made the  
default display system enough that it will have to be addressed.

I didn't do a full walkthrough of all views and windows, since I  
haven't figured out why wayland is unstable for me and seems to crash  
within five or ten minutes of use (or even just sitting) and after a  
wayland session, I need to reboot because just going back to an X11  
session doesn't work correctly.  I'll be happy to do further testing as  
needed, but nothing very extensive seems likely, as I won't know if any  
crash is because of wayland itself (or bad configuration on my part) or  
related to KMM, though simply observing video behavior seems not to be  
a problem.


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