Glitch on Wayland fedora 31

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Fri Jan 10 09:34:59 GMT 2020


On Donnerstag, 9. Januar 2020 22:50:13 CET Jack wrote:

> On 2019.12.07 04:13, Thomas Baumgart wrote:
> > On Samstag, 7. Dezember 2019 06:08:36 CET Jesus Varela wrote:
> > > I don't know if anyone here saw this bugzilla reported bug:
> > >
> > >
> > >
> >> I have experienced the same as well. It only happens on Wayland  
> >> under plasma or gnome. If I use Gnome Xorg or Pasma Xorg, the  
> >> problem does not occur.
> > >
> >> In short the screen flickers and you cannot adjust the date. Also  
> >> the date text boxes are not aligned correctly. It may be a Wayland  
> >> issue vs KMyMoney but I wanted to mention it in case you guys have  
> >> any ideas on how to work around it or solve it.
> > 
> > We have to check if that may be KMyMoney related.
> I finally set up Wayland (plasma, not Gnome, and I'm on Gentoo, not  
> Fedora) and confirm that I see the flicker when in the date widget.   
> However, I can easily adjust the date using the normal keystrokes - and  
> although the actual date field doesn't completely respond, I do see the  
> date adjusting correctly in a box near the upper right of my screen.   
> Once I tab or click to another field, the date shows correctly.  Also,  
> when in the date field, I see an extra "KMyMoney" entry in the task  
> switcher, which disappears when I leave the date field.
> I do NOT have any problem with other dropdown items in the transaction  
> form.
> Another hint is is likely related to Wayland and not KMM itself is that  
> (I have two identical monitors) if I move the KMM window from one  
> monitor to the other (while editing a date field) all flickering stops,  
> and I can edit the date completely normally.  If I then tab out of and  
> back into the date, the flickering starts again, but the position where  
> I do see the "full" date is different from where it was on the first  
> screen.

I am not sure if I wrote the following already in another mail: can you try
to build KMyMoney with the ENABLE_UNFINISHEDFEATURES setting to ON and check
what happens if you use the new ledger (at the very bottom of the views) and
edit a transaction, esp. the date entry stuff. Does it make a difference?

> I do not have an appropriate account, or I would post directly to the  
> redhat bug report.
> Possibly relevant - I clearly do not have Wayland completely set up  
> correctly, as while writing this, wayland completely crashed, and  
> dropped me back to console.  Fortunately, my email software had just  
> saved a draft, so I didn't lose much typing.  I have no idea if that is  
> at all related to the flickering, but I suspect not.
> I'm open to suggestions about how to further troubleshoot this.
> Jack



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