Glitch on Wayland fedora 31

Jack ostroffjh at
Thu Jan 9 21:50:13 GMT 2020

On 2019.12.07 04:13, Thomas Baumgart wrote:
> On Samstag, 7. Dezember 2019 06:08:36 CET Jesus Varela wrote:
> > I don't know if anyone here saw this bugzilla reported bug:
> >
> >
> >
>> I have experienced the same as well. It only happens on Wayland  
>> under plasma or gnome. If I use Gnome Xorg or Pasma Xorg, the  
>> problem does not occur.
> >
>> In short the screen flickers and you cannot adjust the date. Also  
>> the date text boxes are not aligned correctly. It may be a Wayland  
>> issue vs KMyMoney but I wanted to mention it in case you guys have  
>> any ideas on how to work around it or solve it.
> We have to check if that may be KMyMoney related.
I finally set up Wayland (plasma, not Gnome, and I'm on Gentoo, not  
Fedora) and confirm that I see the flicker when in the date widget.   
However, I can easily adjust the date using the normal keystrokes - and  
although the actual date field doesn't completely respond, I do see the  
date adjusting correctly in a box near the upper right of my screen.   
Once I tab or click to another field, the date shows correctly.  Also,  
when in the date field, I see an extra "KMyMoney" entry in the task  
switcher, which disappears when I leave the date field.

I do NOT have any problem with other dropdown items in the transaction  

Another hint is is likely related to Wayland and not KMM itself is that  
(I have two identical monitors) if I move the KMM window from one  
monitor to the other (while editing a date field) all flickering stops,  
and I can edit the date completely normally.  If I then tab out of and  
back into the date, the flickering starts again, but the position where  
I do see the "full" date is different from where it was on the first  

I do not have an appropriate account, or I would post directly to the  
redhat bug report.

Possibly relevant - I clearly do not have Wayland completely set up  
correctly, as while writing this, wayland completely crashed, and  
dropped me back to console.  Fortunately, my email software had just  
saved a draft, so I didn't lose much typing.  I have no idea if that is  
at all related to the flickering, but I suspect not.

I'm open to suggestions about how to further troubleshoot this.


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