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George Simonis geosimonis at
Wed Jan 8 22:10:46 GMT 2020

 I have tried two or three sources. The last was Wall Street online DE default, also used Globe and Mail,Wallstreet Hamburg. Popup says failed to retrieve quote from... Why is it so difficult to have the stocks and funds updated?

    On Wednesday, January 8, 2020, 1:47:01 PM EST, Jack <ostroffjh at> wrote:  

What source are you using for the updates?  As Thomas said, some sites,  
such as Yahoo, have simply stopped providing that service, so it simply  
won't work, and there is nothing KMyMoney can do about it.  Some have  
changed the format of what they provide, so we might be able to adjust  
the settings for that source, but we would need to know which source.  
Did you look through the forum as Thomas suggested?  In terms of errors  
- is there really nothing more than "failed to update"?  Is that on  
console or in a pop-up?


On 2020.01.08 12:36, George Simonis wrote:
>  The stocks, mutual funds, do not update at all. Instead I get failed  
> to update in red, and then nothing. The stocks used to update easily.  
> There was an "update all" button, and presto, they were updated. NOT  
> SO in the last 2 years.Now it(investments ) have to be manually  
> updated which is a pain in the butt! What happened to the easy  
> updates?
>    On Monday, January 6, 2020, 3:01:20 PM EST, Thomas Baumgart  
> <thb at> wrote:
>  George,
> some sources have changed their data format others have seized their  
> operation. There are a couple of discussion threads on the KMyMoney  
> forum at
> In order to give some more advice or analyze your situation we would  
> need some details about the problem (e.g. error messages that are  
> shown on the GUI or a console).
> Regards
> Thomas
> On Montag, 6. Januar 2020 16:55:22 CET George Simonis wrote:
> >  Thomas, I have used Kmymoney for years, and up til about a year or  
> so ago, was always able to update my stocks through the program. That  
> has stopped and for some reason, I cannot update the stocks at all.  
> Do the latest Kmymoneys fix the problem? I enjoyed having the stocks  
> update automatically, and now the stocks are a big mess. HELP!
> >
> >    On Friday, January 3, 2020, 05:30:23 PM EST, Thomas Baumgart  
> <thb at> wrote: 
>> >  Larry,
> >
> > On Freitag, 3. Januar 2020 23:10:16 CET Larry Cutrone wrote:
> >
> > > I recently downloaded KMYMoney to migrate away from Quicken.  I  
> like the
> > > look & feel, and can tolerate having to start from scratch to add  
> categories
> > > with which I am familiar.
> >
> > Did you know, that you can try to import a QIF file to keep your  
> history? Might be worth a try, your mileage may vary though.
> >
> > > I added several accounts and on my 1st attempt
> > > ran into date issues since my bank used 4 digit and the program  
> only allows
> > > for 2 digit year.  Is there a way to change this? 
> >
> > The date format is usually controlled by the KDE system settings.  
> KMyMoney just uses that. Or am I misunderstanding the question?
> >
> > > 2nd question is how do I
> > > find options to set up my accounts to updated from my bank via  
> online
> > > banking? 
> >
> > That depends on the possibilities your bank supports. Usually you  
> use "Account/Map account" to setup direct online processing of  
> statement/transaction data. Another possibility is to import CSV  
> files.
> >
> > > Any help will be much appreciated even if it is to read some
> > > documentation (as long as I know where it is).
> >
> > Documentation can be found here:  
> >
> > Hope that helps and gets you started.
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