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 Thomas, I have used Kmymoney for years, and up til about a year or so ago, was always able to update my stocks through the program. That has stopped and for some reason, I cannot update the stocks at all. Do the latest Kmymoneys fix the problem? I enjoyed having the stocks update automatically, and now the stocks are a big mess. HELP!
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On Freitag, 3. Januar 2020 23:10:16 CET Larry Cutrone wrote:

> I recently downloaded KMYMoney to migrate away from Quicken.  I like the
> look & feel, and can tolerate having to start from scratch to add categories
> with which I am familiar. 

Did you know, that you can try to import a QIF file to keep your history? Might be worth a try, your mileage may vary though.

> I added several accounts and on my 1st attempt
> ran into date issues since my bank used 4 digit and the program only allows
> for 2 digit year.  Is there a way to change this?  

The date format is usually controlled by the KDE system settings. KMyMoney just uses that. Or am I misunderstanding the question?

> 2nd question is how do I
> find options to set up my accounts to updated from my bank via online
> banking?  

That depends on the possibilities your bank supports. Usually you use "Account/Map account" to setup direct online processing of statement/transaction data. Another possibility is to import CSV files.

> Any help will be much appreciated even if it is to read some
> documentation (as long as I know where it is).

Documentation can be found here:

Hope that helps and gets you started.



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