[kmymoney] [Bug 413835] Application window flickers when focus is on a DATE field

Thomas Baumgart thb at net-bembel.de
Sun Jan 5 11:11:08 GMT 2020


On Sonntag, 5. Januar 2020 10:40:50 CET jvapr27 at gmail.com wrote:

> This seems to be a problem that occurs when using KMyMoney on Wayland.
> Other than that I do not have enough knowledge to help diagnose this. I
> have the code for KMyMoney and can offer to help track it down but I
> have not idea where this issue would show itself. Any pointers would be
> awesome!. 

I don't have/use Wayland here, so I am shooting in the dark.

> It may not even be a problem with KMyMoney. I don't know. But it is
> frustrating me too. I have to keep jumping into an X11 session to work
> on entering or adjusting my transactions. I like using Gnome and even
> Plasma on Wayland. 

To see if it is a KMyMoney problem, I like you to build from master and set the ENABLE_UNFINISHEDFEATURES to ON during cmake.

This will build KMyMoney with additional code for the new ledger which uses a different method for date input. Once build and installed you will see a new view in the left pane at the bottom (New ledger). Select it and open a checking account (favorite accounts should already be open if you select the view). Select a transaction and double-click it. This will open the transaction editor and place the focus on the date edit widget. Does it also flicker on Wayland?

Beware: this code is far from being production ready. Crashes are very likely. Don't use it on your valuable data.




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