build default of qtwebengine vs qtwebkit

Jack ostroffjh at
Sat Dec 26 02:52:35 GMT 2020

I recently needed to build kmm from git on my artix linux laptop, and 
ran into lots of errors about QTWebKitWidgets being required but not 
found, even though it is installed, and I specified to use QTWebenging 
in the cmake invokation.  I finally found a message I had sent to the 
list in June about this problem.  (It never made it to the list because 
I sent from an unsubscribed address, and apprently never bothered to 
resend.)  It turns out that the arch linux packages for kmymoney and 
libalkimia (artix uses the arch packages for those apps) are built 
against qtwebkit and not qtwebengine.  I just tried asking about why on 
the Arch Linux forums, and they seem resistant to doing anything except 
the default.  Is there any reason we don't switch the default for this, 
considering how long qtwebkit has been deprecated?

Also, Merry Christmas to all.


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