Debugging hints for sql plugin

Jack ostroffjh at
Mon Dec 21 04:11:46 GMT 2020

I certainly can't rule it out, but can you figure out what package 
provides libEGL?  DRI2 sounds like a video relate issue, although how 
that is related is unknown.  What video card/drivers are you using?  
Remember, sometimes errors pop up at strange times, and are not always 
related to the task you are actually working on.  (That all may also be 
irrelevant - so I'm not ruling out anything at this point.)

On 12/20/20 10:45 PM, El Cas wrote:
> Basically it created a blank table correctly but failed to save the 
> data with a
> "libEGL warning: DRI2: failed to authenticate" error. That is why I 
> thought it might be related.
> On Sun, Dec 20, 2020, 19:58 Jack <ostroffjh at 
> <mailto:ostroffjh at>> wrote:
>     It will take me a while to dig through the history of that bug,
>     but at first pass, it does not look related.  My problem was
>     simply that my login to mysql effectively failed, but the way
>     MariaDB (and possibly MySQL) works is that the failure to log in
>     is reported with the anonymous user, since the provided user
>     credentials failed.  I'm assuming that you can actually log in to
>     mysql and peruse the database.  I didn't get close to that far.
>     On 12/20/20 8:11 PM, El Cas wrote:
>>     If you do find anything please update ticket
>>     <> as this is an open
>>     DB ticket I created a while back regarding access to DB backend.
>>     On Sun, Dec 20, 2020, 16:11 Jack Ostroff <ostroffjh at
>>     <mailto:ostroffjh at>> wrote:
>>         I decided to test the sql back end, but when I try to save as
>>         a mysql
>>         database, I get an exception thrown that opening the database
>>         failed.
>>         So, I'm debugging in
>>         kmymoney/plugins/sql/mymoneystoragesql_p.h.  I've
>>         added some debugging output in createDatabase, and found
>>         something that
>>         doesn't make sense to me.
>>         After the fails (around line 2044,) I confirmed
>>         that
>>         among other values, that maindb.userName is "jack" as it
>>         should be.
>>         However, retrieving maindb.lastError.text(), I get "Access
>>         denied for
>>         user ''@'localhost' to database 'mysql' QMYSQL: Unable to
>>         connect".
>>         localhost is correct, as is the blank password, but where is the
>>         userName?  I'm going to start digging into the code for
>> but thought I'd ask first if anyone can
>>         think of
>>         something I might be doing wrong.  Just to confirm, I can run
>>         mysql at
>>         command line, and the database does open, so I know the db
>>         system
>>         (mariadb) is running, and I do have permissions to login.
>>         Jack
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